Wedding planning can be a really hard work. But you understand that it is important for success and a very rewarding job at the end.

If you made your mind about location (if not please talk to us, we will try to convince you to choose us!!!) of your wedding party at the Golf center we will try to help you to make your life easier and help you to organize your dream wedding. We will start from advising you what premises will better suite your needs (terrace for the ceremony and restaurant for the reception? or the course for the ceremony and tent on the course for the wedding?  Driving range floor for pre party or restaurant terrace? ) and finish by discussing the wedding favors (small souvenirs for your guests )

We can offer you wedding invitations (or design ones for you), help you to choose décor, advice you on your catering options and entertainment. You will have a wedding administrator and coordinator to answer all your questions. We are not a wedding agency and do not survive out of commissions, our main goal is to offer you the best price and service possible at our great location. We have invested in our own sound and lights equipment, we can offer you the highest quality decoration supplies and fabrics – we did all this because we do not want to relay on outsourcing companies ( no one want to hear the explanations on the wedding day  “we are late because our car was in traffic or accident happen  or  similar). We have great experience of working with different catering companies (if you do not want to hire the GOLFER catering services) and we can give you expert advice on this matter.

We charge 10% for our wedding coordination service, but we guarantee you that you gain more (saving peace of mind and money that you have to pay for different services if you go through the wedding agency)

If you have any questions, please contact:
426 64 64. 067 755 71 55