Our first “Golf on heels” which took place 24th of May 2010 attracted a very attractive crowd of 50 beautiful participants (Inna Tsymbaljuk – Miss Ukraine 2006, Diana Dorozkina – famous Ukrainian designer, Ruslana Pysanka – actress, Alena Shoptenko – dancer, Vlada Litovchenko (Karin models owner) and many others.

There were 180 guests and 70 mass media representatives on this event.

Our amazing facility, world class golf tricks show of Mr. Josh Olson(12th time USA champion in the Longest Drive Competition), food , drinks, fashion show and great awards given by our generous sponsors – ALITALIA, HARARUK jewelry studio, Club Med, Soul Spa, Sofievskiy fitness Center and of course, our beautiful golfers – the event was destined to be unforgettable!


Our second “Golf on Heels” took place on the 12/09/2010 and became one of the most successful events in the Kiev’s social life. Again, it attracted many famous and beautiful participants, we will name just a few – Anna and Alina Zavalskie (AliBI group), Olga Sumskaya (actress), Evgenia Vlasova (singer). Please, look at our video and pictures to see it yourself – our attractive golfers who were divided into teams of five were competing really hard ! The event was opened by a great shot of Mr. Olson (this time he heat from the yacht floor (Top Yachting group), form the Dnieper river straight to the center of the golf course, where the GOLF on HEELS was beautifully cutted out of grass), food and drinks, show program (Maxima group fashion show, Shoptenko dance program, ALIBI singing).The event was conducted by a popular TV presenter Mr Dmitrij Shepelev (Eurovision presenter in Moscow), who specially came from Moscow for this event.

All participants were extremely happy with the prizes – ALITALIA tickets, beautiful jewelry from FREY WILLE and Spizhenko jewelry house, flowers and FRANZ souvenirs.

Our third event took place on the 26th of May 2010.68 beautiful ladies participants registered for this competition. Just few names:
Kamalia (she became the winner at the Longest drive competition), Jana Klochkova, Olga Sumskaya, Ruslana Pysanka, Inna Tsymbaljuk , Vlada Litovchenko, Lilija Podkopaeva, Anna Poslavskaja, Alena Shoptenko. Great prizes, unique concept and show program made this event unforgettable experience again


Golf on Heels 4 took place on the 9th of June 2011. The winners of the tournament were – Ms Antonina Matvienko (singer), Ms Anna Poslavskaya (Ms Ukraine ) and Ms Olga Polyakova .

Thanks to our great sponsors – Afrodite Hills (Cyprus), I Spa (Intercontinental Kiev), Parker, Tony and Guy all our beautiful participants got great prizes.


“Golf on heels”-5 – 6th of June 2012! – unbeatable combination of beauty and sport !
It is a fun sport competition for the most famous and successful ladies in Ukraine – actresses, singers, designers, TV and radio presenters. But you do not need to be famous to join this event – this year this event is open for everyone , just call us for registration!


Our sponsors are – FREY WILLE, CZECH tourism, Leica, ISPA, Mazeratti, Keyser Volkponsky, Arthur Murrey, OLYMP, IciLAB.

Photos from all competitions