Golf Center Kiev has hosted lots of great events  for the leading companies – Samsung, Microsoft,  Panasonic, BMW, Philipp Morris . These are just few names out of hundreds that made their conference, exhibition or party here. But we do not want you to be scared by these big names – we cater for all events, big or small.

Even if you do not want to add golf to your event, it is still worth to consider the Golf Center premises to suite your needs . Where else in Kiev you can feel yourself like you are out of the city and at the same time be just without 10 min drive from the center? Where else in Kiev you can put hot air balloon with your company logo  in the middle of the golf course or arrive (depart) by the yacht? All this options are normally available out of Kiev and  you have a headache how to transport your quests ( here your guests will arrive by themselves, we have a Metro station nearby) . Where else in Kiev you have golf or Grand Hall for 1800 sq.m

Even if you do not want golf, but want to use our course to place a huge tent – no problems

Our event department and The Golfer restaurant will be happy to discuss all your options.

Here you can see the pictures of  the previous events at our facility here