You have made your choice about the date and time of your wedding, about location and catering service. Now it is time to think about decorations for your special event. We understand that everyone wants the best décor for his or her wedding, and you understand that it can be really costly. That is the main problem if you hire specialized decoration company.

You do not really need to do this if you plan your wedding at our facility – We have plenty of our own décor to choose from – we offer 20 colors of chair sashes and table runners, table covers of the different colors, wedding arches and columns, carpets, stanchions  and great selection of the highest quality artificial (real touch latex flowers). Of course, you can decorate with the real flowers, but we hope that after seeing our flowers you will think twice, especially in regards of spending a lot of money for the wedding arch décor. We have 8 different vases to choose from( and we have enough of them for a huge wedding party) , candle holders, artificial blinking real wax covered candles, crystal décor, feathers of all colors.

We have all the décor on site and you can come any day to see the colors and the quality and talk to our decoration specialist. You do not need to pay for transportation or packaging, and you have less chances to damage anything.
Some of our decoration supplies can be included in you rent of the location price, some can be negotiated and some can be rented by the most affordable price in Kiev ( of course if your wedding is at our premises!).

Here you can see the price list and pictures of our decoration supplies

Here you can see how we use our decoration supplies to make your event the most beautiful and memorable



If you have any questions in regards of our decoration services, please, do not hesitate to contact us at
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