What do you think when  you hear the word “golf”?  Do you think about green grass, clubs, small white balls? About sport or big money?  About older people playing boring game?

Here are at the Golf Center Kiev we can try to answer all your questions about golf and we will try to convince you to try golf at least once.

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In Europe, Australia, Japan, US golf is a favorite sport of millions of ordinary people, as well as Pros.

Golf used to have an aura of the very elite and expensive sport. But it is changing now, and this sport is becoming more casual with every passing year. You do not need to be a member to play, you do not need special recommendations to join, and you can come as a family or alone. There are clubs in Europe who sell monthly memberships (like a fitness club) and you can play as much as you can and whenever you can. Of course, there are old and elite clubs too, but they are minority now.

Golf Center Kiev was created as a multifunctional facility. We offer rent of premises to suite any event (small  and large conference  rooms, Grand Hall 1800 sq.m , white Hall 600 sq.m, 2 floors of the driving range, terrace, elite hall, VIP apartments and 6 holes golf course). We also have huge free parking on site and THE Golfer restaurant that can accommodate 90 people.

But of course the thing that makes us unique in Kiev is our golf part. We are located just 10 min drive from the city center and can offer you the best views in Kiev – golf course and the river.

Golf is a new sport in Ukraine and it is not easy to be pioneers in promoting the new activity, but we are trying at least. We try to keep the price of the balls and club rentals as low as possible. In fact , we did not increase the price for the last 6 years ! Just see for yourself – with the average price for the tennis lesson in Kiev is 450 UAH, golf lesson at the Golf Center Kiev will cost you 250 UAH.You can take private lessons or Golf Academy lessons, or just come and practice your skills alone (but it is  always more fun to bring your friends and enjoy the game together )

You can play at our course for 250 UAH for one hour or 380 for 2 hours, or 450 for 3 hours. You can bring you kids for just 50 % from the mentioned above prices. You do not need to be a member to play at the Golf Center Kiev, just come and play. Very often you can find great deals for our services through Groupon and similar companies.

What else can Golf Center Kiev offer you?

You can celebrate any private party here and surprise your guests with unusual entertainment – golf lesson and small tournament ( Closest to the Pin , Longest putt ) . Add a great food and nice friendly atmosphere (the Golfer restaurant ) and you will have the most memorable event. We truly think that you do not need to be a golfer to have fun, you just need to try it. May be this will help – do you bowl professionally, or just go to have fun at the bowling alley? And who knows – may be you will get a golf bug! Just think – you will be able to play golf now and in 30 years (how many sports you will be able to play at your 60-70? ), you will be able to play it with your kids and grandchildren, you will be able to enjoy the most beautiful world sceneries while travelling ! You will became a Golfer and join  the

20 000000  army of golfers worldwide!

Thinking about your Dream Wedding ? May be we can help you – please refer to our wedding section!

Golf is well known corporate and net working business tool. Bring you partners to play (and drink!) and we can assure you that you   business negotiations will go smoothly. If you want to raise money – make a golf tournament  for your business partners and try to find sponsors. Or just add the golf part to your conference or presentation to make your event more memorable.

And of course we offer a lot of programs for the little ones- from Golf lessons to Golf camps, from birthdays to huge holiday parties (Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Summer party). Just have a look at our kids programs section

Our phone number is +38 (044) 426 6969

or send your query to e-mail: info@golf-center.com.ua

Kiev Golf Center is very easy to find. It is situated at Obolon Quay, to the right side from the Moscow Bridge (when you towards from “Petrovka” subway station). Go along Heroev Stalingrada street until the third signal from the Moscow Bridge crossing.

We invite you to join the game with 600 year history!