New Year Corporate party at the Golf Center












Great location- just 10 min drive from the center
Secure parking on site – 150 cars and plenty of parking in the area
Grand hall (1700 sq.m) – up to 500 persons for a seated dinner
White hall – 500 sq.m – up to 150 people for a seated dinner
Restaurant – up to 50 people for a seated dinner
Fantastic and reasonable priced menu from our Chef, permission to bring you own alcohol (100 UAH cork fee for bottle)
Vast choice of decorations – all décor is on site and can be seen – we can accommodate all your wishes and dreams (Christmas in Paris, Great Gatsby, Black and white, Hawaii, Alice in Wonderland – these are just few examples of our work)
Do not hesitate to contact us – we would be glad to answer all your questions!




















































































































More about our halls:

Hall area,


  Number of seats


Banquet seating Stand up buffet
GRAND HALL  1700  1000  700  1000
WHITE HALL  600  300  250  400


 100  60












































Restaurant “Golfist”
















































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